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Dive Deep into your Portfolio

Make smart investment decisions by having a crystal clear overview of what you have.

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Portfolio performance

Measure your portfolio’s performance against indices, your other portfolios, or any asset on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Did your portfolio beat the S&P500 or Bitcoin? You’re about to find out!


Compare portfolio performance


Track performance over time


Benchmark against specific assets


Portfolios, stocks, crypto, funds, forex, & indices

Delta Good and Bad investment decisions
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Portfolio diversity

See your portfolio’s diversity based on asset categories, sectors, market capitalisation, and more to identify concentrated positions and help rebalance your portfolio.


Analyse portfolio diversity


Identify imbalances


Help rebalance your portfolio

Delta Portfolio Diversity
Good bad iPhone.

Good & bad decisions

It’s time to boost your good investment decisions by learning from the bad ones. Which investment decisions were good, and which ones were not? We’ll tell you.


Analyse investment decisions


Identify good and bad decisions


Improve future investments

Delta Good and Bad investment decisions
Delta Portfolio PerformanceDelta Portfolio DiversityDelta Good and Bad investment decisions

There’s more.
A lot more.

Delta gives you the tools to fully understand your investments and make informed decisions. Unlock new opportunities and take control of your portfolio.

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Most used exchanges

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Asset worth

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Risk level

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Asset location

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Portfolio P/E

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Trade statistics

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Advanced metrics

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Advanced metrics

Insights into your assets, displaying (un)realized gains and more.

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Live prices

You no longer have to pull down to refresh with live updating prices.

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Unlimited connections

Unlimited connections to exchanges, wallets, and brokers.

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Why is it moving?

An explanation on why an asset is moving today (and historically).

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Delta Investment Tracker Markets Overview

All your investments in one single app

Our multi-asset investment tracking app allows you to manage various portfolios and track their live performance using powerful tools and charts. Get live access to the price movements of all popular stocks, crypto, ETFs, NFTs, commodities, and more.

No more lucky shots. Only smart moves.

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